Saint-Paul de Vence
This was our lunch stop on the way to the Mediterranean.  We lost ourselves in the maze of charming streets, the floral exuberance of the gardens, the little shady squares, the ancient fountains and the wonderful window displays.

The beauty of the surrounding area, quality of life and exceptional light has inspired numerous famous artists, painters, writers and poets, some of whom took up residence in the village.

We spent our free time having a quick bite to eat at a small cafe and then roaming the streets and alleyways looking for unique gifts to take home.  There were so many wonderful shops of clothes, jewelry, oils and herbs, toys, etc.
The Game of Boules
Alena, Matt & Michael
Not the best photo of us, but we are enjoying Gelato!
The Maeght Foundation

The traditional big summer/fall show this year was devoted to Joan Miro, with 250 paintings, drawings, watercolors, sculptures and graphic works, displayed in the foundation's galleries and in the sculpture garden designed by Miro himself.

Trust me when I say that not many people enjoyed this detour.  It's modern art so there isn't common sense or logic to the art.  Some thought that a kid could do better.  I liked it.  I liked the concept of using what you had in a time when people had nothing.  I liked looking at the weird guy walking with a purpose.  I have never been to a modern art museum before and really enjoyed the abstract "what is that?" kinda art.  Everything was a potential photo to me.  I kept thinking how awesome some of these photos were going to look in my album. 
Farewell Drink to Peter  It was a black licorice liquor mixed with water.  It would have been better as a shot.  I finished mine but it was tough to put down.  I'm not a huge fan of black licorice.  A final thanks to Peter for being a wonderful bus driver!