Two full days to just relax and enjoy the beaches of the Cote d'Azur.  Mom and I stayed at the Hotel Les Cigales and it was located only four blocks from the promenade and beaches.

When we first arrived and said our good-byes to our friends, we had to wait a few hours before the room was ready.  I really wanted to see the Russian Orthodox church but just couldn't walk that far.  So we opted to stay around our area and go shopping.

There is a very busy pedestrian street really close to us and it's full of shops and restaurants.  Such a great location for us.  We really enjoyed our last days to relax.
We paid to have umbrellas and beds for both days and truly enjoyed just people watching, swimming and reading.

Only Mom swam since I could barely walk on the rocks to get to the chair.  The large gravel was too deep for my swollen and sore foot.  I was scared that I would do more damage if I tried to walk in the water with the strong currents.
Eventually we all have to home.  So we said good-bye to France and started packing for the long journey ahead of us.  It was a struggle to get everything packed into our suitcases and even had to pop some champagne because it was to heavy to take with us.  It was a final toast to the trip.  We both had a wonderful time.

I was excited to get to Heathrow - my brother and sister-in-law were arriving on the plane we were taking home.  They were joining the Belgium and Holland tour.  I was so excited for them.  It was their first time to Europe.  After showing them the taxi line, we wished them the best and went duty free shopping.  I was still saying 'Merci' on the airplane...maybe they thought I was French-Canadian.
Me, Mike & Glenda
Laying under the unbrellas you could hear the jet airlines coming into the Nice airport.  They would circle around the coastline on their descent.  Sometimes you could actually read the airline name, they were that close.