Welcome.  I invite you to explore my scrapbook!

My name is Erica O'Grady and this is my third trip to Europe.  I always wanted to travel the world, but ever since going to Europe I just can't seem to get anywhere else.  I LOVE IT!

In 2006 I signed up for a Contiki 30 day European tour.  I felt I didn't really know where I was going, so I started doing some research.  This is when I found Rick Steves.  I used all of the travel DVD's to get a sense of what I was going to see.  I was completely hooked.  In 2007 I convinced a couple of friends to try the Rick Steves tours.  Basically I wanted to see how they operated, what was included and the overall feel of the tours.  They loved it! 

So, in 2008 when I decided to gift my mom a 30 day European vacation we chose Rick Steves and joined the 14 Day Best of Europe Family tour and traveled to Lake Como and the Cinque Terre on our own.  My mom showed tears of joy in some places because it was so beautiful.  What an amazing experience!

In 2009 I was taking a break from travel. Then I got the email for the 'New' 2009 tours and I read the Villages and Vineyards of Eastern France itinerary.  I just felt like I was supposed to go.  So after foot surgery, I signed up and decided if I couldn't walk very far, I would eat and drink my way through France.  Of course Mom thought this sounded like a plan.